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Austin GMAT Review offers the best GMAT prep course in Central Texas. Our goal for you, our student, is to not only achieve your best possible GMAT score, but also win admission into the business school of your choice.  Here we offer information and news for prospective GMAT test-takers and MBA candidates.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Feb 2 2016 05:08PM

When I started Austin GMAT Review in 2008, I urged my students to study hard and break into “The 700 Club.” Today, the goals are higher. Although a 700 GMAT score will still open doors at most business schools, for the schools that regularly appear at the top of the rankings, 720+ would be better.

For you who are just starting out your GMAT studies with your eye on a Top 10 school, this is probably daunting news. The GMAT is already a high-stakes exam without additional pressure. In this article, I take a look at the trends that have pushed GMAT averages up and up and up.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Sep 11 2015 05:57PM

If you’re heading for Round 2 MBA application deadlines, take a quick detour from your GMAT studies to run over to an MBA admissions event in Austin, Houston, or Dallas. These events can be excellent opportunities to meet admissions officers and alumni, and hear more about their MBA programs.

I’ve listed some of the upcoming MBA admissions events below. Once autumn is over, and admissions officers head back to campus to review applications and interview candidates, there will be fewer opportunities to meet with them in Texas until the next recruiting season. So, just go!

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jul 15 2015 06:58PM

Ginger, my former GMAT student, is headed to UT McCombs School of Business this August to start the Texas MBA program. As she wrote in this Facebook post, for her, time was in short supply: "A working mother of two energetic girls, I knew an MBA would greatly improve my ability to provide for my children while also setting an excellent example for them. But how could I manage studying for the GMAT, prepare the essays and application, and succeed at a demanding job, yet still be the parent I wanted to be? Well, I did it (woo hoo!), so you can, too!"

Here, in her own words, are Ginger's best tips for successfully preparing for the GMAT and applying to a top MBA program while juggling the demands of career and parenting.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jun 11 2015 12:05AM

First things first – work on getting that great GMAT score this summer. That said, now is also a great time to connect with the business schools to which you intend to apply. MBA admissions events are an excellent way for you to warm up to a school's MBA program, or decide that another school is not for you.

Many MBA admissions teams take advantage of the summer to kick off their recruitment efforts, and Texas is increasingly a hot destination (figuratively and literally). Below are some of the opportunities available for you to meet business school representatives in Texas.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jan 22 2015 05:53PM

In my last post, I looked back at 2014, and predicted the trends that will affect business schools and MBA applicants in 2015. In this post, I continue to put my psychic powers to the test.

July: The Official Guide for GMAT® Review 2015 came out in 2014.

A book released ahead of its time, the OG14 was actually behind its time: the content was identical to the OG13 released in 2012. (It did offer you an online quiz, though.)

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jan 14 2015 10:00AM

Business school admissions will tell you that the past is a predictor of future performance. So, without further ado, let’s take a look back at what b-schools were doing in 2014, and see what we can predict for 2015.

January: The GMAT score arms race kicked off early.

Business schools that attract people with high GMAT scores produce MBAs who are the most highly compensated later in their careers. This was the proposition put forth by Jonathan Wai, a research scientist at Duke University, who then listed and ranked business schools by their average GMAT scores. The business school with the highest average GMAT score? Stanford.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Oct 17 2014 02:54PM

Though it’s late in the 2014-2015 MBA application season, admissions teams are still traveling to Texas. They are mainly traveling with the big MBA fairs, where you will have the chance, along with a lot of other candidates, to shake hands with a business school representative and ask a couple questions in person.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Aug 8 2014 04:58PM

Wharton, Emory Goizueta, GW School of Business, the Merage School at UC Irvine, F.W. Olin at Babson ....quite a number of business schools are changing leadership this year. The new deans are not necessarily safe choices, but people who can drive institutional change. When you choose a business school, don't just think about its past, but its potential for the future.

Watch our slideshow to find out about the new deans and how they may change the direction of the MBA programs.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jun 24 2014 03:09PM

When you decide to pursue an MBA, part of the decision is which business school best suits you. An MBA degree is not “one size fits all.” Each business school will equip you with a different set of skills and experiences. The best MBA degree for you fits your goals, the current skills that you want to expand, the deficiencies you need to remedy, and your personality.

In addition to studying for the GMAT exam, start studying your options. MBA admissions events are scheduled throughout Texas this summer – these are good opportunities to meet business school representatives. I’ve set out some of the events below, so press your best business suit and go.

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