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By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Oct 17 2014 02:54PM

Though it’s late in the 2014-2015 MBA application season, admissions teams are still traveling to Texas. They are mainly traveling with the big MBA fairs, where you will have the chance, along with a lot of other candidates, to shake hands with a business school representative and ask a couple questions in person.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jun 24 2014 03:09PM

When you decide to pursue an MBA, part of the decision is which business school best suits you. An MBA degree is not “one size fits all.” Each business school will equip you with a different set of skills and experiences. The best MBA degree for you fits your goals, the current skills that you want to expand, the deficiencies you need to remedy, and your personality.

In addition to studying for the GMAT exam, start studying your options. MBA admissions events are scheduled throughout Texas this summer – these are good opportunities to meet business school representatives. I’ve set out some of the events below, so press your best business suit and go.

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