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By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Sep 27 2017 03:53PM

After you take the GMAT and achieve a solid score, it’s time to begin completing applications for your target business schools – including rounding up the people who will write your recommendation letters.

Admissions Committees want to hear from your current or former boss, and usually someone else who has observed you from a managerial standpoint. It’s never easy to start a conversation with, “Um, Boss, I am going to leave the company, and I would love for you to write the recommendation that allows me to do so.” Even if you have a supportive manager, or you plan to return, or you’re pursuing a part-time or executive-level program, you are still asking a big favor.

In the past, if you were applying to more than one business school, you had to ask an even bigger favor – “Will you write multiple recommendations for me?” Each school asked similar but different questions of recommenders, and often with different word counts and restrictions. One school might allow an entire recommendation letter to be submitted, while another might restrict the recommender to online boxes with strict word counts. ... That was then, but luckily for you, this is now.

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Jan 22 2015 05:53PM

In my last post, I looked back at 2014, and predicted the trends that will affect business schools and MBA applicants in 2015. In this post, I continue to put my psychic powers to the test.

July: The Official Guide for GMAT® Review 2015 came out in 2014.

A book released ahead of its time, the OG14 was actually behind its time: the content was identical to the OG13 released in 2012. (It did offer you an online quiz, though.)

By Ajay Amar, Ph.D., Aug 8 2014 04:58PM

Wharton, Emory Goizueta, GW School of Business, the Merage School at UC Irvine, F.W. Olin at Babson ....quite a number of business schools are changing leadership this year. The new deans are not necessarily safe choices, but people who can drive institutional change. When you choose a business school, don't just think about its past, but its potential for the future.

Watch our slideshow to find out about the new deans and how they may change the direction of the MBA programs.

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