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Our affiliate Austin Elite Prep offers a proven GRE prep course curriculum, plus a math bootcamp, plus 1-1 help with an expert. Register for the GRE Plus Course for MBA Applicants to pursue that top GRE score.

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Founded in 2008, Austin GMAT Review offers exceptional GMAT preparation to professionals preparing to enter business school programs.


Austin GMAT Review is the only GMAT test prep course in Central Texas that provides the hours and coaching you need to aim for a top MBA program.





How Is Austin GMAT Review Unique?

The Gold Standard For GMAT Prep In Austin.

If you’re looking for a boost on the GMAT math section, opt for our GMAT Plus course, which includes the math boot camp, a six-hour refresher on basic math topics. If you’re aiming for a 700+ GMAT score, try GMAT Premium Plus, for focused 1-1 help on your weak areas.

Personal Attention, Not Generic GMAT Prep.

Our Team.

Austin GMAT Review instructors have scored in the GMAT 99th percentile. Our founder, Dr. Amar, holds an MBA from MIT and a PhD from Berkeley. Learn about our instructors.

The Best GMAT Prep Course.

At Austin GMAT Review we subscribe to the utmost ideals of teaching, with a commitment to the highest quality GMAT coaching uncompromised by profit or expediency. We follow a simple philosophy:

Studying for the GMAT test is more a marathon than a sprint. Get the best results by training your weaknesses and preparing to race your strengths.






Expert Help for

MBA Essays

Our Students Get

75% Discount

50 Hours Of GMAT Test Prep. No Kidding.

Our GMAT test prep course provides 50 hours of live instruction, nearly twice as many hours as those of the big marketing-centric chains.

You deserve the personal attention and interaction that Austin GMAT Review provides. We keep our GMAT classes small. We are the only major GMAT prep company that places such a high value on face-to-face coaching. Our graduates say we are the best.

Our Materials.

Our Methods.

The best materials come from the source. Austin GMAT Review uses official GMAT practice materials and books exclusively. All your books and learning materials will be provided with the course.

for 2021!


GMAT Class

GMAT Plus 

(Extra Math)

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GMAT Premium Plus 

(700+ Aspirants)

1-1 Tutoring

Exceptional Coaching for Busy Professionals






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  • Focus on the content and skills that GMAT actually tests.

  • Value quality of learning above all else.

  • Run a rigorous, 50-hour GMAT course with GMAT practice and strategy.

  • Emphasize individual attention.

  • Limit GMAT class size to maximize personal attention.

  • Work with your professional obligations by offering GMAT classes during weekends and weekday evenings for your convenience.

  • Offer a score-improvement guarantee.

  • Provide flexible GMAT tutoring options.

What Are People Saying About Austin GMAT Review?

Read our GMAT course reviews.

"This is not your typical exam review company. Dr. Amar's class provided the structure, exceptional instruction, and personalized attention I was seeking."

"Austin GMAT Review covers each topic extensively and by the end of the program you will have a real working knowledge of how to quickly solve each problem."

Read our GMAT course reviews and GMAT course ratings.

- Clayton

- Ben

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When you’re a busy professional, you don’t have time to sort through masses of generic GMAT prep materials. Our GMAT course provides intelligent, well-paced, systematic instruction and practice. We offer strategic methods to conquer the GMAT math and GMAT verbal sections, and we coach you through practice tests to address problem areas.

We spend more time on GMAT math alone than most big companies do on their entire course. Why? A high GMAT score requires a deep understanding of the material. For that, 50 hours is the minimum.

Austin Elite Prep offers exeptional GRE prep for MBA applicants.

Get a High GMAT Score – Start the New Year Right.

Watch the Data Sufficiency Challenge

with Dr. Ajay Amar

We use a series of GMAT practice tests to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in GMAT math and verbal. We will help you address your problem areas through core concept learning, practice and strategy. We'll give you personal attention, test-taking strategies, and effective tools and materials.

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