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To be seriously considered for admission by a top MPA program, a quantitative-heavy MBA program, or an MBA with a specialty in finance, you must achieve a high GMAT math score. The Advanced GMAT Math Immersion course offers intensive coaching exclusively in the area of GMAT math for someone interested in top quantitive-focused programs such as Wharton, Chicago Booth, NYU Stern, Stanford, Columbia, MIT Sloan, UT McCombs, and Michigan Ross.


The course focuses on explaining the most difficult GMAT math problems in a way that will allow you to reach your peak performance on the test. You will learn advanced methods that go far beyond limiting techniques such as elimination or plugging in numbers to pick answers.


This GMAT math course is not for everyone. It is designed for someone who is retaking the exam or has taken several GMAT practice tests, not for someone who is starting out. (If you are just beginning, and need help with math, look at our GMAT Plus class.)

Advanced GMAT Math Immersion Course

Are you familiar with the pentagon inequality? Do you know the units digit problems do not require memorizing patterns for individual digits? Or that an integer probability problem is really an integer problem than can be solved without studying probability? Are you aware the highest performance in GMAT math comes not from analysis but from synthesis? You have surely applied algebra in solving geometry problems. But do you know geometry can help crack some of the toughest algebra problems?


If you answered no to the above questions, and if you are already at 40+ scaled score in math and desire to hit a top score, our 30-hour Advanced GMAT math immersion may be just what you need.

What's Included in Advanced GMAT Math Immersion

Transfer/Refund Policy: If, after registering for Advanced GMAT Math Immersion, you are not able to attend the course, we can apply any fees paid to another Austin GMAT Review class, subject to availability of seats. Any fees paid for the Advanced GMAT Math Immersion course are non-refundable.






Math Immersion

30 Hours

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Advanced GMAT Math Review

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"I needed to raise my score in order to be accepted to a top business school.


Dr. Amar made that happen, actually improving my original score by 170 points- who beats that?"                                                                                   

"I was finally able to reach 700 points, with a quantitative score 50 out of 51. It was only possible thanks to Austin GMAT Review, especially since I hadn't done math for years after graduation and my major was in liberal arts, far from math or engineering."                                                                      

- Layci

- Bernard

- Misoran

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Summer Schedule:


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Regular Price: $1,290

Discounted Price: $645 for our past students

This course may be the best GMAT prep course for you if ALL of the following apply:

  • You are aiming for a GMAT score of 700 or higher.

  • You are aiming for a GMAT math score in the high 40s, and you have already hit a GMAT math score of 40 or above on the official GMAT or on GMAT practice tests.

  • You are proficient in algebra, percentages, ratios, statistics, and geometry, but have not been able to reach the highest level GMAT score on your own.

  • You have the time and desire to dive deeply into approaches required for 700-800 level math problems, so you can climb past your previous plateau.

Offered twice a year.

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30 Hours of Live Instruction on 700-800 Level Math Topics

It may surprise you to learn that a top GMAT math score does not require expertise in esoteric topics such as permutations/combinations. GMAT is much more likely to create 700-800 level questions from such mundane topics as averages/median, ratios, algebraic expressions and equations, inequalities, prime numbers, and percentages. The course focuses on what GMAT looks for in the highest value questions on topics that matter.


Review of Three Complete Practice Tests with 800 GMAT Score

Have you wondered what kinds of questions get asked on an adaptive test with a perfect (800) score? Through reviews of three math tests, you will gain valuable insight into what the evolution of an 800 GMAT test looks like and how to tackle the toughest questions.


Answers to Your Most Challenging GMAT Math Questions

The intensive coaching includes scheduled Q&A sessions to allow you to work through your toughest math questions with your professor and to learn potent approaches for solving GMAT problems in less than two minutes.


All Books and Material Needed

Summer (July) and Winter (December)

Advanced GMAT Math Course taught by Ajay Amar

Sharpen Your GMAT Math Techniques

If you have a strong math foundation, the Advanced GMAT Math Immersion Course will teach you abstract math concepts from the GMAT's standpoint.

- Layci

"I immediately saw the difference in Dr. Amar's approach to practice, timing and strategy....He also has a unique visual way of representing the quant problems that makes even the most complicated GMAT problems digestible in the allotted time. Dr. Amar enabled me to enter my retake with renewed confidence and the right strategy, allowing me to raise my score by a full 110 points."