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Typical Structure of GMAT Comprehensive

Comprehensive GMAT Class

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Get the best preparation for success on the GMAT. Austin GMAT Review's online GMAT class  –  live from Austin, Texas  –  provides 50 hours of comprehensive instruction – twice as many hours as our competition.

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"Austin GMAT Review understands the importance and demands of your career, and creates a focused training approach which maximizes your GMAT preparation.


Dr. Amar has a wonderful open policy of emails and phone calls outside of the regular class sessions which helps you to solve problems and overcome obstacles right away instead of waiting until the next class.


After completing the course, I was able to score 700+ on the GMAT, which was a 110 point increase from my original test diagnostic."                                                      

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"Overall, the strategies that Austin GMAT Review taught me increased both my speed and accuracy on the actual test.


Looking back, I am glad I picked up the phone and registered with Austin GMAT Review.


In three weeks I was able to boost my score from a 620 to a 700."

- Gemma

"I drove all the way up from San Antonio every weekend to attend this class, and I'm very glad I did.


I ended up with a 710. Superior classes like this aren't easy to find. I got into my top choice grad program thanks to this class!"

The core lecture series spans nine sessions, covering both GMAT verbal and GMAT math. Your learning will be reinforced by four additional intensive practice sessions.

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GMAT courses that teach "tricks" and "shortcuts" may not yield high test scores. Austin GMAT Review's structured and well-paced GMAT course will. This is an advanced course. We teach the fundamentals and show you how to apply them to real GMAT problems in an efficient manner. We are committed to providing you with a rewarding GMAT preparation experience with the result you seek.

In addition to rigorous classroom instruction and practice, you will receive a high level of personal attention. This is enabled by the small size of our GMAT classes, which are conducted in an intimate conference room environment. We also encourage you to bring questions to the weekend Q&A sessions.

Each core lecture class and practice session is led by an exceptionally qualified professor who has scored in the 90th percentile on the official GMAT and has a graduate degree and extensive teaching experience.

You will raise your GMAT score with our program. Guaranteed.

What Do the 50 Hours Cover?

The above schedule reflects the instructional time at Austin GMAT Review, and does not include the diagnostic test and additional practice tests that you will take on your own time. In an effort to continuously enhance your GMAT content learning and practice, we may periodically make modifications to the structure of these sessions.

Core Session 1: 3.5 hours


Basic Arithmetic, Percents, Statistics: Review and Practice

Intensive Review Session 1: 4 hours

GMAT Math Data Sufficiency System and Short-cuts

Core Session 2: 3.5 hours


Work, Speed, Sequences, Functions, Operations, Ratios, Mixtures, Unit Conversions: Review and Practice

Core Session 3: 3.5 hours


Algebra, Venn Diagrams, Exponents: Review and Practice

Intensive Review Session 2: 4 hours

GMAT Math Practice - Q & A

Core Session 4: 3.5 hours


Geometry and Coordinate Geometry: Review and Practice

Core Session 5: 3.5 hours


Number Properties, Prime Integers, Divisibility, Integer Equations, Other Advanced Topics: Review and Practice

Core Session 6: 3.5 hours


Sentence Correction: Review and Practice

Core Session 7: 3.5 hours


Sentence Correction: Practice

Intensive Review Session 3: 4 hours

GMAT Math Practice - Question & Answer

Core Session 8: 3.5 hours


Critical Reasoning: Review and Practice

Core Session 9: 3.5 hours


Reading Comprehension: Review and Practice

Integrated Reasoning Concepts; GMAT Verbal Practice; Review of Math Practice Tests Completed by You

Intensive Review Session 4: 6.5 hours

Dr. Ajay Amar, the founder of Austin GMAT Review, teaches the in-person GMAT course.





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