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As an applicant to top business schools, you want to stand out from the crowd. The GMAT Elite package gives you unparalleled access to Austin GMAT Review's expertise: exceptional GMAT preparation (more than 64 hours) coupled with insightful admissions consulting for two business schools.

GMAT Elite:

What's Included in GMAT Elite for Top Business Schools

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"I worked with Dr. Amar and Elaine through my business school application process and could not be happier with the results. Both Dr. Amar and Elaine were incredibly accommodating and brought the best out of me. I greatly appreciated that there was a clear focus on each student's needs. This sort of individualized attention is not found in larger test prep companies."

"As a teacher, Dr. Amar is articulate, patient, approachable, insanely knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor too. His classes and study materials are structured efficiently, covering a variety of exam topics with sophisticated, strategic approaches to each problem type. The classes were very fun and engaging...not at all what I was expecting from a GMAT prep course.


And I simply loved working with Elaine! As an applicant from a non-traditional background, I struggled to convey the my experiences and achievements as qualifications for business school. Elaine is a creative and highly versatile editor. She helped me immensely with my MBA resume and essays by providing highly valid comments and refreshing perspectives."                          

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- Kevin

- Viktoria

- Alex

GMAT Elite is recommended if

  • You are capable of hitting a score of 600 on your own.

  • You are on the path to one of the ranking business schools with GMAT score averages above 680 (above 720 for Top Ten schools)..

  • You are committed to spending the time and effort that is necessary to work effectively with us on GMAT and application strategy.

  • You would benefit from expert guidance throughout the entire application process, from the GMAT to  the final business school interview.

The GMAT Elite course package consists of the following: 

  • 50-hour comprehensive GMAT course including weekend GMAT practice sessions

  • 6-hour GMAT Math Bootcamp, providing the math foundation to tackle more advanced GMAT topics

  • 8 hours of GMAT tutoring, allowing you to discuss strategy and performance with your professor

  • MBA admissions consulting for 2 business schools, including personalized essay editing, a resume revamp, and interview preparation

  • All GMAT books and learning materials for the course

  • Experts with graduate degrees and extensive experience working with MBA applicants

Year 2020 Price: $4150



Comprehensive GMAT Course (50+ hours)

The GMAT course is divided into 13 well-paced sessions: nine sessions covering GMAT math and GMAT verbal topics, and four intensive GMAT practice sessions. Read more about the comprehensive GMAT Class. See the current schedule of GMAT classes.


Austin GMAT Review's founder, Dr. Ajay Amar, has developed uniquely effective approaches to solving advanced math topics. Our curriculum focuses on the GMAT math topics that really matter, and prepares you to recognize the ways in which GMAT presents high-value on these topics.


In addition, the pre-test strategy review session goes over GMAT questions from actual retired tests and focuses on practical ways to maximize your GMAT score by leaning on your knowledge strengths.

Reach The Next Level of Excellence

$250 non-refundable deposit required

"The application/interview advising sessions with Elaine were very helpful learning how to communicate my experiences to the business sector. Dr. Amar instructs in a manner to help you think about problems from a strategic and conceptual framework that is different than many teaching methods, enabling you to study concepts as opposed to trying to study to multiple questions. They both are very personally invested in your success and if you are willing to put in the hard work you can succeed. I was admitted to my first choice school and improved my GMAT 100 points.."

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GMAT Course + Extra Math + Tutoring + MBA Consulting

GMAT Math Bootcamp (6 hours)

The GMAT Math Bootcamp is a refresher math course held on the Saturday before the start of your GMAT course. It is included at no additional charge in the GMAT Elite course package. Read more about the GMAT Math Bootcamp.

1-1 GMAT Tutoring (8 hours total)

As you practice what you have learned during the GMAT Elite course, you may have new questions, wish to build on your strengths, realize that you are weak in certain areas, or want to increase your speed in problem-solving. The GMAT Elite course gives you 1-1 tutoring sessions (8 hours total) with our expert instructors, providing you with even more personal attention. We recommend that you schedule an individual strategy review prior to test day, so that you and your professor can review your GMAT practice tests and develop a personalized test-taking strategy. (GMAT tutoring is pre-scheduled in increments of two hours or more.)

GMAT prep course and MBA admissions consulting provided by Austin GMAT Review experts.

End-to-End MBA Admissions Consulting for Two Schools

Our MBA admissions expert will help guide you through the admissions process. Read more about our MBA Essay Review Service, which includes the following:

  • 1.5 hour kickoff meeting to discuss your goals, application's strengths and weaknesses, and schools that may make a good "fit" for you

  • MBA resume review by our expert to show your career progress and showcase your business strengths (especially important if you come from a non-business background)

  • MBA essay review of your near-final essay drafts, which includes detailed comments, straightforward feedback, and a final polish that retains your own thoughts and "voice"

  • Up to 3 revisions on essays per business school, allowing you the freedom to evolve your thoughts for your essays

  • Recommender preparation and optional recommendation review to ease the process for you and your recommender while staying within ethical boundaries

  • Application finalization to help you review those short but vital answers before you hit "Submit"

  • 2.5 hours interview preparation (if & when you get the invitation to interview) to go over your answers to common and not-so-common admissions questions

Allow at least three weeks for resume review and two weeks for essay review.

"This program is worth every penny and then some. Not only did I secure a score above what I had been targeting, but I actually looked forward to coming to class."

- Shane


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