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If you aspire to a GMAT score in the 700-800 range, Austin GMAT Review's GMAT Premium Plus package, which includes intensive 1-1 coaching and strategy review along with our comprehensive GMAT class and practice sessions, may be your optimum course option.

GMAT Premium Plus:

The GMAT Premium Plus may not be right for you if you don't have the time to commit to tutoring sessions. In that case, you may benefit from the GMAT Plus course, which also includes the Math Bootcamp.

What's Included in GMAT Premium Plus for the 700+ GMAT Score Aspirant

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"The instructor is very knowlegeable and teaches more than just test taking tricks.


Improved my score from a 650 to a 750, well worth the cost!"

"I got 760 ... quant 49, verbal 45.


50 quant would be nice but I'm happy!


Could not have done it without your help! Thank you!"                              

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- Ryan

- Long

- Karan

GMAT Premium Plus may be the best GMAT prep course for you if ALL of the following apply:

  • You are aiming for a GMAT score of 700 or higher.

  • You are capable of hitting a score of 600 on your own.

  • You want to bridge the gap by addressing your individual problem areas and boosting your areas of strength.

  • You have the time and desire to commit to the practice necessary for us to diagnose issues and develop your GMAT strategy.

The GMAT Premium Plus package consists of the following: 

  • Comprehensive GMAT classes (50+ hours) covering advanced math topics that can help boost your GMAT score to 700+

  • GMAT Math Bootcamp (6 hours)

  • 1-1 GMAT tutoring with our experts, including 1-1 GMAT strategy reviews of your GMAT practice tests and personal help to strengthen your performance (8 hours)

  • All GMAT books and learning materials for the course

Year 2020 Price: $2490



Comprehensive GMAT Course (50+ hours)

The GMAT course is divided into 13 well-paced sessions: nine sessions covering GMAT math and GMAT verbal topics, and four intensive GMAT practice sessions. Read more about the comprehensive GMAT Class. See the current schedule of GMAT classes.


Our course includes the following:


Review of Advanced GMAT Math Topics

Which math topics should you master to raise your GMAT score above 700? The answer is NOT fancy topics such as permutations/combinations. Our advanced GMAT math sessions focus on the GMAT math topics that really matter, ways in which GMAT packages high-value questions on these topics, and efficient approaches to tackling such problems.


Pre-test Review of Strategy and Key Areas

As your official test date gets closer, you will benefit from this strategy session. This session focuses on practical ways to maximize your GMAT score with the things you know and despite the things  you do not know. The session  also includes a review of GMAT questions from retired tests that serve as great examples of what the GMAT really tests.

It's All About Quality Coaching

$250 non-refundable deposit required

"I took my GMAT a few weeks ago, and ended up with a score of 750 (98%/51 in math and 89%/40 in verbal).


Best of all, I did not waste time and effort in studying unnecessary books/ material/strategies, and concentrated only on the important stuff the GMAT really cares about.


I highly recommend this test prep company to anyone really serious about the GMAT."

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Online GMAT Prep Course + Extra Math + Tutoring

Dr. Ajay Amar teaches Austin GMAT Review's GMAT Elite Course.

GMAT Math Bootcamp (6 hours)

The GMAT Math Bootcamp is a refresher math course held on the Saturday before the start of your GMAT course. It is included at no additional charge in the GMAT Premium Plus course package. Read more about the GMAT Math Bootcamp.

1-1 GMAT Tutoring (8 hours total)

Throughout the GMAT Premium Plus course, and as you take practice tests, you may have questions or discover deficiencies in your knowledge. You may also wish to build upon your strengths and increase your test-taking speed. GMAT Premium Plus gives you 1-1 tutoring sessions with an expert instructor. Read more about our faculty.


As part of your tutoring sessions, you may request the following:


Individual GMAT Strategy Review

Form your plan of action prior to test day. Bring in your GMAT practice tests for a personal 1-1 consultation on your strengths and weaknesses. The discussion focuses on your strategy to achieve your best possible GMAT score.


Taught Live Online