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Austin GMAT Review is the premier GMAT preparation program in central Texas. Austin GMAT Review was founded in 2008 by Dr. Ajay Amar. A graduate of MIT's Sloan School of Management, Dr. Amar formed our company around a simple principle: People learn best from excellent teaching and a well-thought-out curriculum. Today, our approach remains focused on our students and their MBA goals.

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Classes are taught live online by our professors. We will arrange the transfer of course materials to you.

An Uncompromising Focus on Excellence.

Our company caters to busy professionals who don’t have the time to waste on sifting through masses of generic study materials or "practicing" with irrelevant third-party tests and questions that – bottom line – aren't the real thing. Taught by an experienced professor in GMAT classes that cover the topics that they really need, Austin GMAT Review students receive the personalized coaching that they need and strategies to maximize their performance on the GMAT – with no fluff, only advanced techniques.

Success on the GMAT exam requires true mastery of the concepts, and to this end we act as your guide. Our students often remark on the effectiveness of our explanations we provide them to solve GMAT problems quickly and efficiently. That effectiveness comes from experience.

In developing our unique GMAT course curriculum, Dr. Ajay Amar draws on his past experience working with thousands of business students, as well as his own time in academia. Dr. Amar himself attended MIT Sloan’s acclaimed Leaders for Manufacturing (LFM) program, now the Leaders for Global Operations (LGO), where he studied under the best professors. He also holds a doctorate in physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and in his early years at Berkeley, he worked as teaching assistant to a renowned Nobel Laureate. He subsequently won Berkeley's prestigious Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award. The Nobel laureates and other "monster minds" that he had the privilege to work with had a profound and enduring influence on his thinking and has helped him guide our students to success.

Dr. Amar credits his education for his success in business and management. His abiding belief in the value of a high-quality education is the foundation of our company philosophy.

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Austin GMAT Review offers more than just GMAT expertise – we offer true mastery of the test. Our students get coaching in concepts and strategies to excel on the exam. Live classes, personalized help, uncompromising quality. 98 hours of the best GMAT preparation. No other GMAT course even comes close.
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