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Test-Optional Business Schools – Is Applying without a GMAT Score a Good Idea or Bad Strategy?
Thinking about skipping the GMAT for a "test-optional" business school application? Maybe think again.
by Elaine Conces, VP of Graduate Programs
May 11, 2021
Learn about the GMAT Online Exam
The GMAT Online exam has many differences from the regular exam you might take in the test center. Some of those differences may surprise you.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
February 16, 2021
Opinion: Happy 2021! It’s Time to Toss the GMAT Essay!
The Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT is mainly unused and not very useful for anybody – in other words, it's a time-waster. GMAC, it's the perfect time for a clean sweep. Get rid of it.
Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
February 8, 2021
Retaking the GMAT: Yes, No, Maybe So
The question: Should I retake the GMAT? The answer: Maybe. Don’t make the decision to retake the GMAT on a coin toss. Here are eight questions to consider first.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
November 4, 2020
Is Online GMAT Prep Worth It?
Here are six reasons why you need to get serious about choosing your method of online GMAT preparation ... and why your online teacher cannot be just *meh* okay but has to be really exceptional to be effective.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
July 7, 2020
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