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Quant Rescue 911

Elevate Your GMAT Quant Score to the Top Tier

Need to fix that quant score in a hurry? Get 74 hours of intensive GMAT quantitative preparation in time for Round 2 business school deadlines. Time is running out: Start the rescue mission with Austin GMAT Review.

Rescue Your Quant

Oct 13 - Dec 8

Taught Live Online
Year 2024 Price: $1,490
$350 non-refundable deposit required
Quant Rescue 911 - Rescue Your GMAT Quant Score



Just in Time for Round 2



Classes are taught live online by Dr. Amar. We will arrange the transfer of course materials to you.

Throw Your GMAT Quant Score a Lifeline.

Business school deadlines are coming up fast. If you still haven't reached the GMAT quant score that you need to be taken seriously by top business schools, it's time to get serious about your GMAT preparation. Austin GMAT Review's one-of-a-kind course provides the hours, the expertise, and easy-to-understand explanations that you need to successfully tackle the 47-51 quant score-level questions.

Our GMAT math course will be led by our master of quant Dr. Ajay Amar, who scored in the 99th percentile on the official GMAT. Dr. Amar has years of experience helping  students of different math skill levels, degree types, and backgrounds conquer the complexities of quant problems.

Austin GMAT Review provides a rigorous and comprehensive math curriculum that focuses entirely on what matters most in the GMAT quant section. You will also benefit from a high level of personal attention throughout your time with us. Dr. Amar works with you to ensure that you understand concepts, and you are getting questions answered so that you can make real progress in rescuing your quant score.

This course is taught live online. Our online classes adhere to our belief that mastering difficult quant topics requires professor-student interaction and collaboration, active learning techniques, respect for diverse learning styles, and the expection of high performance.

We provide all the GMAT books and learning materials for this quant course.

"I took the GMAT once after completing a well known online based course, and received a 600 - not what I needed to get into my target schools. ... Dr. Amar has a unique visual way of representing the quant problems that makes even the most complicated GMAT problems digestible in the allotted time.  Dr. Amar enabled me to enter my retake with renewed confidence and the right strategy, allowing me to raise my score by a full 110 points."

- Layci
What do 74 hours cover?

Quant GMAT Course: October 13 - December 8

Session 1: 4 hours
Data Insights
Math Foundations:
Foundations of Arithmetic and Algebra
Learn about GMAT Math Foundations
Session 2: 6 hours
Acing GMAT Math; the Power of Translation Tools; Data Sufficiency Examples
Session 3: 4 hours
Integers ... as easy as 1, 2, 3
Session 4: 4 hours
Advanced Integer Concepts; Terminating Decimals
Session 5: 4 hours
Percents; Percent Changes; Statistics
Session 6: 4 hours
Standard Deviation; Equally Spaced Numbers
Session 7: 4 hours
Algebra – Pure Math Problems; Exponents; Squaring Identities
Session 8: 4 hours
Algebra Word Problems, Venn Diagrams; Tree Diagrams
Saturdays &
elevate your

GMAT quant score

"I took the GMAT and was (once again) disappointed with my score. I had been studying for the GMAT for eight months on my own ... I just couldn’t get out of the 600s. One hour after the test, I called Dr. Amar. ... With Dr. Amar’s expert instruction, I was able to significantly raise my score, including earning a 49/51 on the quantitative section."

- Alissa
Session 9: 4 hours
Review of Quant Practice Test 1
Session 10: 4 hours
Physical Topics – Speed, Mixtures, Work
Session 11: 4 hours
Quadratics and Higher Order Equations
Session 12: 4 hours
Funny Symbols, Functions and Sequences; Ratios
Session 13: 4 hours
Review of Quant Practice Test 2
Permutations and Combinations
Session 14: 4 hours
Inequalities and Absolute Values
Session 15: 4 hours
Review of Quant Practice Test 3
Session 16: 4 hours
Review of 750-800 Level Math Questions
Session 17: 4 hours
Data Sufficiency Overview

The above schedule reflects the instructional time at Austin GMAT Review, and does not include the diagnostic test and additional practice tests that you will take on your own time. In an effort to continuously enhance your GMAT content learning and practice, we may periodically make modifications to the structure of these sessions.

For Austin GMAT Review's refund policy, please see the Enrollment Agreement.

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