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If your GMAT math score needs a boost, or your math skills are rusty, the GMAT Plus package (56+ hours of GMAT prep) is a great choice. Start your GMAT class with our math bootcamp to brush up on math basics, plus get an additional pre-test coaching session with our expert.

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Accelerated Course
Year 2021 Price: $1,790
$350 non-refundable deposit required
Comprehensive GMAT Prep Class
Next Level GMAT Math Prep, Live Online
Classes are taught live online by our professors. We will arrange the transfer of course materials to you.

Maximize Your GMAT Math Performance.

The GMAT Plus course package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive GMAT Class (50+ hours)
  • GMAT Math Bootcamp (6 hours)
  • 1-1 review of your GMAT practice test with your professor on math strategy and key areas (2 hours)
  • All GMAT books and learning materials for the course

Austin GMAT Review offers a uniquely test-centric approach to conquering the GMAT math section. Think you need to be an expert at probability or permutations to get a high score? In reality, you do not need to spend hours mastering permutations/combinations. (You could even skip permutations/combinations entirely and still get a scaled score of 50 on GMAT math.)

You may be surprised by which topics really move your math score. During the advanced GMAT math session, we focus on the topics that actually matter, the ways in which GMAT packages high-value questions on seemingly innocuous topics, and efficient approaches to tackling such problems.

"I came in with a strong verbal score, but I really needed to improve my math. I ended up taking the GMAT Plus Course and a few hours of 1 on 1 tutoring. I was able to walk out of the GMAT with a 760 (48Q,47V), having only started studying a month before my test!"

- Joe
56 hours of GMAT Prep: Bootcamp + Course + 1-1 review

Comprehensive GMAT Class (50+ hours)
The GMAT course is divided into 13 well-paced sessions covering GMAT math and GMAT verbal topics. See the current schedule of GMAT classes.

Do You Need the
GMAT Math Bootcamp?

Take the Basic Math Assessment Quiz
and Find Out.
"I was finally able to reach 700 points, with a quantitative score 50 out of 51. It was only possible thanks to Austin GMAT Review, especially since I hadn't done math for years after graduation and my major was in liberal arts, far from math or engineering."

- Misoran

Pre-test Review of Strategy and Key Areas (2 hours)
As your official test date gets closer, you will benefit from this strategy session focused on practical ways to maximize your GMAT score with the things you know. The session also includes a review of GMAT questions from retired tests that serve as great examples of what the GMAT really tests.

Exclusive Invitations to Extra GMAT Math Practice Sessions
From time to time, if students appear to need extra help with grasping a GMAT math topic, our founder Dr. Amar may run an extra practice session (in addition to the ones already included in the 50-hour Comprehensive GMAT course). These extra sessions focus on assisting students with truly understanding the fastest way to solve the most difficult GMAT math questions.

GMAT Math Bootcamp (6 hours)
The GMAT Math Bootcamp helps refresh your math basics before you plunge into more difficult GMAT math content.

The bootcamp is usually held on the Saturday before the start of your GMAT classes. Read more about the GMAT Math Bootcamp.

GMAT Math Bootcamp: 6 hours
Foundation arithmetic, algebra, and geometry topics

Typical Structure of GMAT Plus Course

Core Session 1: 3.5 hours
Basic Arithmetic, Percents, Statistics: Review and Practice
Intensive Review Session 1: 4 hours
GMAT Math Data Sufficiency System and Short-cuts
Core Session 2: 3.5 hours
Work, Speed, Sequences, Functions, Operations, Ratios, Mixtures, Unit Conversions: Review and Practice
Core Session 3: 3.5 hours
Algebra, Venn Diagrams, Exponents: Review and Practice
Intensive Review Session 2: 4 hours
GMAT Math Practice - Question & Answer
Core Session 4: 3.5 hours
Geometry and Coordinate Geometry: Review and Practice
Core Session 5: 3.5 hours
Number Properties, Prime Integers, Divisibility, Integer Equations, Other Advanced Topics: Review and Practice
Core Session 6: 3.5 hours
Sentence Correction: Review and Practice
"I found Austin GMAT Review to be an especially good option if you haven't done math for a while and want a complete review.

Teaching both the concept and the GMAT test question application of that concept at the same time made all the difference for me during my preparation."

- Lindsey
Core Session 7: 3.5 hours
Sentence Correction: Practice
Intensive Review Session 3: 4 hours
GMAT Math Practice - Question & Answer
Core Session 8: 3.5 hours
Critical Reasoning: Review and Practice
Core Session 9: 3.5 hours
Reading Comprehension: Review and Practice

You will raise your GMAT score with our program. Guaranteed.
For Austin GMAT Review's refund policy, please see the Enrollment Agreement.

The above schedule reflects the instructional time at Austin GMAT Review, and does not include the diagnostic test and additional practice tests that you will take on your own time. In an effort to continuously enhance your GMAT content learning and practice, we may periodically make modifications to the structure of these sessions.

Intensive Review Session 4: 6.5 hours
Verbal / Math
Integrated Reasoning Concepts; GMAT Verbal Practice; Review of Math Practice Tests Completed by You
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Austin GMAT Review caters to busy professionals who don't have the time to sort through masses of generic study materials. Working with an experienced professor in limited-size GMAT classes, you will receive the personalized coaching that you need and strategies to excel on the GMAT.
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