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How to Start Your GMAT Preparation on the Right Foot
Taking GMAT preparation seriously is the exception and not the rule! Yet if you don’t spend time on serious GMAT prep, your score may suffer; if you do, you have a better chance of beating the average. Here are suggestions to kick off your GMAT prep.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
February 11, 2020
A Timely and Important Public Service Announcement for GMAT Procrastinators
All things come to those who wait, but when they come they’re out of date. If you’re thinking that you can wait a while to start your GMAT prep, then ATTENTION: You are making a big mistake.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
January 1, 2020
Two-Month GMAT Prep Study Plan for Serious Students
Lanette holds an MPA and became a successful tax accountant. How did she get the GMAT score that launched her new career? Here is the GMAT prep study plan that raised her GMAT score 170+ points.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
July 1, 2019
Applications Have Dipped at U.S. Business Schools. Will GMAT Score Averages Take a Dive?
In 2018, 70% of U.S. business schools were reporting application declines. Was the pool of quality applicants drying up? Would the slump in applications slow the rise of GMAT averages?
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review; research by Elaine Conces
May 21, 2019
Opinion: The Shorter GMAT Is A Good Thing That Could Have Been Radically Better
A GMAT with fewer “experimental” questions is an improvement, but so many chances to help test-takers were missed.
by Dr. Amar, Founder of Austin GMAT Review
May 4, 2018
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